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Designs that
Resonate, Inspire,
and Endures.



Eclectic Design Group, LLC is a one-stop-shop for graphic design services, including
logo creation, advertising concept, website/social media design, photography, and printing.

Our goal is to create strong brand identities and inspiring visual stories that will make an impact on audiences. No matter what our target audience or your company's distinctive needs, we will develop an effective strategy that makes a statement.

Let Eclectic Design Group help your brand connect to your community.

We have worked with prominent corporations, law firms, political leaders, charities, civic

organizations, and more.

We look forward to working with you.



We aim to create strong brand identities and inspiring visual stories that will impact audiences.



At Eclectic Design Group, we believe that
all members of society can be reached and positively influenced when the proper visual communications are effectively delivered. Refer to our Designs page to learn more
about what we can do for your business
or organization





​James C. Paige, II is a professional graphic designer with over 30 years of experience. He graduated from the Hussian College of Art and Design and continued his education at Delaware College of Art, Moore College of Art, and Bashio Photography Studio.

Paige's diverse professional background and vase advertising experience helped him refine his artistic abilities and understand the industry's intricacies.

From working as a Senior Multimedia Specialist with the Philadelphia Gas Works and Graphic Designer for the University of Pennsylvania to working
with the Mayor's Office of Wilmington, DE, and various tri-state community organizations; these opportunities gave Paige a unique perspective to help his clients succeed.

Paige's work has received honors as an asset to his local community and beyond, including a Certificate of Excellence from the Philadelphia Mayor's Office, the Philadelphia ALS Walk, and the PRSA Pepperpot Awards for his newsletter designs.

Selecting Eclectic Design Group ensures access to a rich blend of diverse creativity, expertise, and passionate dedication from James Paige and his associates, enhancing the client experience.



James C. Paige, II

CEO & Owner
Eclectic Design Group, LLC

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