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Recent Design Projects


Kevin Love  Collection Fashion - Branding logo

In designing a branding logo for a high fashion designer, every element must include elegance, sophistication, and an unparalleled sense of style. The logo is the cornerstone of the brand's visual identity and should be meticulously crafted to reflect the designer's unique aesthetic. Its sleek lines, intricate details, and harmonious color palette should captivate the viewer's attention and evoke a sense of luxury.


Visit his Instagram page at

Event Announcement Campaign

Startup302 is a Delaware-based funding pitch competition for technology-enabled startups led by underrepresented founders. Presented by Delaware Prosperity Partnership and Governmental, corporate, commercial, andacademic sponsors.


Promotional  Ad

Creative Development for Energix Group, LLC

Commissioned by CMC, Inc.

Social Media Ads

Creative Development for TD Bank, commissioned by Community Marketing Concepts, LLC.

Print Production

Produce marketing Materials for Pennsylvania Lottery events throughout Pennsylvania. Commissioned by
CMC, Inc.

Additional information upon request


Mill Creek Urban Farm

Our strategy for creating a contemporary brand image focuses on cultivating a customer-centric experience. We aim to achieve this by incorporating sleek, distinct lines and color schemes that capture attention and convey a sense of cultural sensitivity and awareness.

Visit their website at

Additional information upon request

Greater Philadelphia
Community Alliance

Project: Creative development of corporate logo and branding marketing materials. This consists of the development of Building Signage for all district offices. Brochures, PPT Presentation and   Photography. This project was in partnership
with Commnuty Marketing Concepts, LLC.


Additional information upon request


Delaware Black Film Festival

Project: Development of Marketing materials for
Major I
naugural event. See Design

Their Mission: The Diamond State Black Film Festival (DSBFF) will highlight works created by and featuring People of Color. Additionally, it hopes to inspire the next generation of filmmakers and showcase career opportunities in the film industry through a series of workshops, panel discussions, and master classes.


Additional information upon request

Philadelphia School District
Guild Booklet  Design 

Restorative Justice-Practices in Philly Public Schools Guide booklet


Our approach was developing a vibrant, visually diverse, and cultural theme with this layout design. 

By utilizing various images from around the city and colors that reflect the spirit of the diversity of the Philadelphia School District.


Additional information upon request

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